Furniture Care

For over 80 years, Eastgate Furniture has taken great pride in manufacturing quality Australian made products that will truly stand the test of time. The best designs, in conjunction with craftsmanship and excellent materials, give us confidence in offering a 10 year structural guarantee.


Furniture incorporating solid timber and veneered board will expand in moist weather and contract in dry weather. This is a natural characteristic of the timber componenet reacting to its environment and the furniture will react in the same way. The structural strength of the timber is not compromised as the anticipated movement is incorporated into the design.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, heaters or cooling systems as these can accentuate the movement. Occasionally, small unstained areas will be exposed due to the timber movement. Stain touch up is all that is required to rectify this visual problem.

If the furniture incorporates leather, grain variation will occur to reinforce the fact that leather is a natural, breathing material with its own character. Each hide is unique as the living animal from which it came.


Furniture is available in our standard range of colours. However, variations in colour can occur as a result of timber grain and a natural mellowing of colour stain over a period of time. Leather can be affected by fading thus avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.


Timber – Do not use wax or polish containing silicon to clean your furniture. Wipe over surface regularly with a soft damp cloth always wiping along the grain of the timber. Hot or sharp objects should not be placed directly on the furniture and any spills should be wiped up immediately.

Leather – Do not use detergents, wood or floor polish, shampoos or abrasive cleaners. Regular, gentle dusting or sponging with a soft brush removes abrasive grit. If marks do not wipe off easily, do not resort to hard rubbing. You can contact Tasman Leathers on (03) 9819-6777 for further help.